Country of origin:Formed in:


Current line upInstrument
Alan „Naihmass Nemtheanga“ AverillVocals
Ciáran MacUiliamGuitar
Michael O’FloinnGuitar
Pól MacAmlaighBass
Simon O’LaoghaireDrums

Only few bands can match the intensity of PRIMORDIAL - neither on record nor on stage. The Irish musicians and their singer and leader are exceptional in each and every aspect. In spite of keeping true to their artistic vision from the very first day on and in spite of creating songs and moods that are far from being easy listening material, PRIMORDIAL have risen to be one of the most respected and popular acts of today's Metal scene, crossing boundaries of tastes and views. Releases like 'Spirit The Earth Aflame', 'The Gathering Wilderness', 'To The Nameless Dead', 'Redemption At The Puritan's Hand' or the still actual 'Where Greater Men Have Fallen' are dark, massive, epic, majestic, spiritual and much more - and the live shows of this band do indeed reflect all these aspects. Get prepared for the extraordinary - PRIMORDIAL will come to Balingen!


Where Greater Men Have Fallen Album 2014
Redemption At The Puritan's Hand Album 2011
To The Nameless Dead Album 2007
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