Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Harry "The Tyrant" ConklinVocals
Mark BriodyGuitar
Joey TafollaGuitar
John TetleyBass
Rikard StjernquistDrums

Along with OMEN, JAG PANZER are considered by many to be THE incarnation of classic US metal traditions shaping the core of the scene's underground during the early 80s. Their EP 'Tyrants' marked a major impact already, yet the official full length debut 'Ample Destruction' was able to top this impressive effort with ease and is, until today, one of the great classics not just of the genre, but of true heavy metal music in general. Unfortunately, the bright career started to falter much too soon and it took the band until 1997 (and actually a far too modern sounding release called 'Dissident Alliance') to return to its old virtues and glory. Several highly acclaimed albums and thrilling live shows later, the band split up in 2011 after the release of 'The Scourge Of Light' - just to reunite in 2013. In 2017, JAG PANZER released the highly anticipated 'The Deviant Chord', and in 2018, they'll finally be back in Europe - at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2018!

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