Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Mr. DebaucheryVoices, Guitars
Mr. KillGuitars
Mr. DeathDrums

DEBAUCHERY have always been unique. Besides all controversial discussions around their extreme image, they have never dissapointed their fanbase with their intense, groovy Death Metal and established as a popular representative of the German metal scene. With the last release, they even made their way to the top 50 of the national sales charts. Just in time for BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2018, the new album of Mr. Bloodgod will be released: A triple-CD which will not only contain the new DEBAUCHERY-album 'Enemy Of Mankind', but also the BALGEROTH record 'In der Hölle spricht man Deutsch' and the Bonus CD 'Götter der Vernichtung', which will contain some DEBAUCHERY classics with German lyrics. What to expect of the DEBAUCHERY-Show in Balingen? Well, wait and see! :-) One thing is for sure, though: It will be a monster of a release-party with lots of blood...

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