Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Mike HoweVocals
Kurdt VanderhoofGuitar
Rick Van ZandtGuitar
Steve UngerBass
Stet HowlandDrums

Born out of the West Coast Metal scene of the 80's, METAL CHURCH quickly became one of the standout talents of the genre releasing two critically acclaimed albums considered as classics today and paving the way for future speed and thrash acts. More success was yet to come with the addition of former HERETIC vocalist Mike Howe and METALLICA guitar tech extraordinaire John Marshall featured on 'Blessing In Disguise' and 'The Human Factor'. During the mid-90's, the members of METAL CHURCH headed in their own directions, yet 1999 led to a well-received reunion of the original lineup with the release of 'Masterpeace'. 2004 saw the band back with Ronny Munroe as a vocalist and 'The Weight Of The World'. From 2009 on, the career of METAL CHURCH was on hiatus once more. In 2012, the second reunion took place, followed by the strong comeback release entitled 'Generation Nothing'. While singer Ronny Munroe left the band shortly after, the news coming up in 2015 were nothing but groundbreaking as founding guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof convinced Mike to rejoin METAL CHURCH. A masterpiece by the name of 'XI' was released followed by a live album, while a new record is about to be released very soon. And in 2019, METAL CHURCH will take Balingen at storm!

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