Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Markus BeckerVocals
Manuel TrummerGuitar
Coralie Baier Guitar
Florian KreuzerBass
Mario WeißDrums

Formed around 2005/2006, ATLANTEAN KODEX quickly managed to become the centre of the new European epic metal movement. Their disturbing 'Pnakotic Demos', released in 2007, gained them much praise and a fanatic following. After playing shows at most of the renowned European underground festivals, the band released their debut album in 2010. 'The Golden Bough' proved to be a massive slab of regressive epic metal, which won "Album of the Month" - spots in magazines around the world.

2013 marked the zenith of ATLANTEAN KODEX’ career so far. Already a renowned headlining act by now, the band released their now-legendary album 'The White Goddess', which even took them to the top 60 German album charts. A colossal monument of dramatic and epic metal, the album took the world by storm and was was praised by journalists and fans all over the world as one of the best epic metal albums ever.

After a longer hiatus, the work on the long awaited third album was finished in 2019. Titled “The Course Of Empire”, it is another masterpiece by one of heavy metal’s currently best and most original bands, both a proud creative statement of a defiance and a fist in the face of commercial mediocrity. Rooted deeply in the sound of BATHORY, old MANOWAR, SOLSTICE and MANILLA ROAD, ATLANTEAN KODEX deliver an unbelievably heavy mixture of dramatic hymns, harmonic twin guitars and fantastic melodies, telling tales of lost worlds and ages past. With one foot the past and the other in the present, ATLANTEAN KODEX bridge the gap between the elder world and now, between dream and reality. What the future holds, even the wisest cannot say. Yet one thing is sure: ATLANTEAN KODEX will be part of our anniversary line up 2023 - don't miss them!

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