Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Johannes BraunVocals
Ande BraunGuitar
Jim MüllerGuitar
Steffen HaileBass
Andi SchnitzerDrums

During their very remarkable and impressive career, this young German quintet managed to keep the perfect balance between a fresh sound and modern attitude on the one and old school nostalgia on the other hand, thus creating huge and timeless rock hymns reminiscing the golden era of 80ies' stadion rock. After more than 600 live shows in the whole of Europe and Asia, KISSIN' DYNAMITE have matured noticably and grown up to an experienced, yet still hungry and passionate live act, while their latest studio release 'Ecstasy' even hit the German sales charts at position #7. Add the excellent stage performance and entertaining skills KISSIN' DYNAMITE are known for and you have a perfect fit to our anniversary party.

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