Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Kyle ThomasVocals
Vinnie LaBellaGuitar
Marzi MontazeriGuitar
Jason ViebrooksBass
Sasha HornDrums

During the first eight years of existence, EXHORDER recorded only two official full length albums called 'Slaughter In The Vatican' and 'The Law', both of them considered to be classics today and displaying a rough and harsh attitude towards thrash metal rarely heard before. It might be blamed to the heyday of US death metal that the band's sound did not get the attention it deserved or maybe it was just the grunge era leading to the temporary demise of the traditional metal scene in general and, therefore, to EXHORDER breaking up in 1994, too, due to the constant lack of commercial success. Whatever it was: It should take the band 15 years to return and to give it a second try. Yet so they finally did, and the comeback of EXHORDER turned out to be a triumphant one, thrilling audiences at live appearances all over the world. Not even the tragic loss of bass player could stop the band and their second spring. Reinforced by the rhythm section of the Bay Area veterans HEATHEN, EXHORDER are still back for an attack - and 2019 will finally see them setting the stage of BANG YOUR HEAD!!! ablaze!

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