Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Andreas MozerLead Vocals, Drums
Gerd HeryGuitar, Vocals
Lorenz KandolfBass, Vocals
Matthias KochGuitar Vocals
The title of TRAITOR's outstanding debut actually said it all: 'Thrash Command' was (and, of course, still is) a refreshing tribute to the 80ies era of thrash metal and provided any fan of early KREATOR, DESTRUCTION or EXODUS with the perfect mixture of raw energy, blasting riffs and explicit lyrics. In very few years, the band originally named PATRICIDE gained a remarkable number of followers, and today, TRAITOR have not just released two more great albums called 'Venomizer' and 'Knee Deep In The Dead' (the latter even featuring a cover artwork by nonetheless than Ed Repka himself!), but are considered to be one of the heirs apparent in case the "big old ones" of the genre should leave the stage. The next generation is ready and prepared - and TRAITOR are set up in the very first rank. Look forward to a full dose of old school thrash at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2019!
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