Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Ronnie RomeroVocals
Leo LeoniGuitar
Jgor GianolaGuitar
Mila MerkerBass
Hena HabeggerDrums
As huge as GOTTHARD's fanbase may be: there are still some dedicated follower's of the Swiss superstars missing the more hard rock oriented days of the past. Recently, the band's guitarist Leo Leoni kinda shared this feeling and had the urge to bring some of the old classics back to light that had to step back behind the more actual hits. And so his project CORELEONI was born, taking great care of thrilling anthems like 'Downtown', 'Firedance', 'Higher', 'Here Comes The Heat' or 'In The Name' - first at the recording studio and later on live on stage, too, featuring amongst others the powerful voice of RAINBOW vocalist Ronnie Romero. This July, you may witness yourself the wonderful sparkle of all those gems that actually sound more fresh and inspiring than ever: at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2018!

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