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Doro PeschVocals

This lady from Düsseldorf doesn't need any introduction, does she? Doro Pesch and her impressive career is well known to every hard rock fan, and her success is well earned, as she's simply one of the hardest working artists out there. Since her days with WARLOCK, music and her fans have always been the priority of her life and that hasn't changed till today. Live, the „Metal Queen“, who celebrated 30 years on stage in 2013, is simply nailing it, delivering stunning and powerful shows while spreading an unmatchable positive vibe - no matter if it is with new hits or the big classics like 'Für Immer', 'All We Are' or 'I Rule The Ruins'.It's been almost ten years now that DORO has not been in Balingen anymore. So it is about time to welcome her back as one of the BYH!!! main acts in 2018!

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