Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Mr. DebaucheryVoices, Guitars
Mr. KillGuitars
Mr. DeathDrums

The Rock'n'Roll Warmachine is rising. And it demands blood! But who would expected something else when DEBAUCHERY mastermind Thomas Gurrath has his infamous fingers in the pie? Notorious border crosser that he is, he is famed for his explicit live shows, and wherever he shows up, scantily dressed women, liters of booze and burning concert pits are never far away. With BLOOD GOD, however, Death Metal is not on the menu: Thought as the follower of Gurrath's Hard Rock project BIG BALL, BLOOD GOD unites the musician's most prominent preferences: Sweaty, over-the-top Heavy Rock! The music is firmly rooted in the tradition of legends like ACCEPT and AC/DC and are spreading a crystal clear message: party like there is no tomorrow! S perfect theme for our warm up evening 2018 :-)

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