Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Niilo SevänenVocals, Bass
Markus VanhalaGuitar
Ville FrimanGuitar, Vocals
Markus HirvonenDrums

Even at the very start of their career INSOMNIUM conclusively managed to mold the power and energy-driven hooks of typical Swedish melodic death metal with the majestic vastness and melancholic darkness characterising the sound of many acts of their Finnish home.Over the years, they refined this impressive blend even more, creating a very unique sound and style that has found a huge fanbase - and this trend is still rising! INSOMNIUM'S last two masterpieces 'Shadows Of A Dying Sun' and 'Winter's Gate' have not just stormed at position two and one of the Finnish sales charts, they've done pretty well internationally, too ( e.g. entering the German top 20), while the accompanying tours and shows were a triumphant success. Therefore, we're really looking forward to the very first appearance of INSOMNIUM at next summer's edition of BANG YOUR HEAD!!!.

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