Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
George CallVocals
Luke HattonGuitar
Chris CossGuitar
Lee PayneBass
Danny WhiteDrums

Once again, a very fine gem of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM) will join us at Balingen: CLOVEN HOOF. The English veterans, featuring two Americans (singer George Call and drummer Danny White, both known from ASKA) in their ranks today, too, have provided the metal world with some highly acclaimed classics including their eponymous debut, its successor 'Dominator' and, of course, the fantastic 'A Sultan's Ransom', all of them contributing to the excellent reputation of CLOVEN HOOF among fans and media. Unfortunately, the commercial success would never equal the quality of the band's music, resulting in a split up in 1990. In 2004, band leader Lee Payne reunited CLOVEN HOOF, though, and several festival shows, two brand new studio releases and a couple of re-recordings would follow. After the release of 'Resist or Serve' another calm period began, which is about to end right now, as CLOVEN HOOF have not just recorded the excellent 'Who Mourns For The Morning Star?': They will also be part of our next year's band line up at Balingen!

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