Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Attila DornVocals
Matthew GreywolfGuitar
Charles GreywolfGuitar
Falk Maria SchlegelKeyboards
Roel van HeldenDrums

It was just a little more than ten years ago at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2006, when a quite new band called POWERWOLF went on stage as first act of our Saturday's programme and shook up the the audience still dozy and hung-over from the night before with its refreshing and highly memorable melodic metal hymns. Back then, many predicted a bright future for the band - and yet only few would have expected the kind of meteoric career everyone was about to witness during the following years. When their fifth studio release 'Preachers Of The Night' went straigght to the top of the German album sales charts in 2013, it was pretty obvious, though, that POWERWOLF had taken the metal scene by storm. Today, the wolf pack is one of the big players of the metal music business, still thrilling their evergrowing fanbase with its unique mixture of an eccentric image and styling, a huge sense for ironic humor, outstanding entertainment and stage skills and an incredible number of hits. Welcome back to Balingen - at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2018!

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