Aktuelle BesetzungInstrument
Patrik SellebyVocals
Tomas OlssonGuitar
Henrik OlssonGuitar
Anders BromanBass
Pelle ÅkerlindDrums
Fredrik BerghKeyboards

Thanks to MORGANA LEFAY and TAD MOROSE, Bollnäs is no blank spot indeed at the map of the heavy metal globe. Hailing from the same Swedish town are BLOODBOUND, whose line up actually featured former TAD MOROSE vocalist Urban Breed for a while. The sound of BLOODBOUND is much more melodic, though, and with their anthem packed releases and energetic live shows, the band has conquered many a heart of those in love with acts like HAMMERFALL or SABATON. Since the release of 'Stormborn', the band has evolved into a more epic and symphonic direction, while their latest masterpiece 'Rise Of The Dragon Empire' even adds some Nordic folk to the mix. Watch out for BLOODBOUND at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! Crazy X-Mas 2019!

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