Is there ay way to influence the volume and/or the sound of a certain show?
Unfortunately, our influence on the volume and expecially on the quality if the single performances is rather small or event non-existent. In case you should feel that a show is much too loud, we advise you to use proper ear protection. You can buy non-expensive earplugs at both merchandise stalls. To protect your kids, we strongly recommend to rent so called Micky Mäuse available for a deposit of 75,00 € at the merchandise booth right of the main entrance.
Regarding the sound quality of a performance, there's only one thing we can say: Our own sound engineers know our equipment while the sound engineers of the bands usually do not.
While many of the bands' sound specialists are pretty good at their job, others are not and they won't even take advice.
So in case of any complaints, we we'll pass them on.
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