Do you offer cashless payment?
Yes, we do. There are several cashless ports all over the site for cashless payment with your EC card (no credit cards accepted!).
The minimum amount for cashless payment at our merchandise sales booth at the main entrance and the official BYH!!! merchandise stall is 25,00 €.
You can use your EC card for cashless payment at the ticket sales counter, too, and you can even pay your festival vouchers this way as long as you reach the aforementioned minimum amount. The cashless ports are at the main sales counter to the left behind the mixing desk and at the sales counter at the exhibition hall (aka the indoor location) as well as at the BYH!!! Bar tent. At these spots you can purchase either small voucher bundles with 10 Stück vouchers at 2,80 € each (an overall of 28,00 €) or large voucher bundles with 25 Stück vouchers at 2,80 € each (an overall of 70,00 €).
Unfortunately, other denominations are not possible due to organisational reasons.
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