Where is the backstage area located?
The entry to the backstage area is located on the left side of the main stage!
To get into the backstage area you need a special access authorization. If you are allowed to enter the visitor platform on the stage, you can enter it from the backstage area.
Regardless what kind of access authorization you have: You need to follow the instructions of security and authorized staff!

In limited circumstances access to certain areas can be refused. For example, stage access because of overcrowding, instructions from the artist, safety reasons, usage of pyrotechnics or simply because of alcohol consumption.
If instructions are not followed precisely and immediately, your access authorization can be removed and you may be banned from the festival ground.

Please pay attention in the field of work right behind the main stage! There is a lot of heavy traffic (night liners, shuttles, etc.)!
A backstage pass is not an All Areas pass!!!
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