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Demolition ManVocals, Bass

It might reflect a rather stormy era of the band's career, and yet, looking back today, the VENOM release 'Prime Evil' is one of the most intense and best albums ever recorded by the British legend. Therefore, many fans were delighted to hear the news that the very core of the line up, which once recorded the aforementioned classic, united under the monicker VENOM INC. in 2015: Jeff „Mantas“ Dunn, Tony „Demolition Man“ Dolan and Anthony „Abaddon“ Bray.

Together, they've played several hugely succesful shows and released 'Avé', a brutal masterpiece referring to the traditional VENOM sound while adding tons of hellish groove and even more pure and straight forward power. In September 2018, the band split up with Abaddon and presented Jeramie Kling as his successor. And after Mantas has fully recovered from a heart surgery he had to go through some months ago, we are pleased to announce that VENOM INC. will be part of BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2019!

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