Update regarding our events

Hello friends,

we know you are waiting urgently and - completely understandable - with growing impatience for a sign of life from us. We're very sorry that we've been keeping a low profile for so long.

One aspect of the overall problem are the extremely vague prospects here in Baden-Württemberg as to what a concert summer 2021 could be like or whether it will even take place. Unfortunately, the local state government has not been as specific as other federal states, thus making any kind of outlook and appropriate planning extremely difficult.

Furthermore, the corona crisis has had a massive direct impact on us and the jobs of the majority of our team, and finally there are some very serious health problems our boss Horst has been struggling with for quite some time now, making it impossible for him to comment on the current situation and the possible prospects.

However, here's an outlook now on what will or can happen to our summer events this year.

Unfortunately, even after the latest update of the Corona regulation of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, the state government has not yet made any really reliable statements regarding possible major events in July - neither in general nor with regard to how they might take place if they are not restricted. The most recent version of the regulation is valid until June 30th, and it still does not allow open-air events with more than 750 participants, even with low incidences.

As sad as this prospect may be: Based on these latest political signals and the short period of time remaining until the dates of this year's BANG YOUR HEAD !!! and ROCK OF AGES, we are forced to assume that we'll share the fate of many other event promoters and have to postpone both events for another year.

In case this should happen, it would mean the following:

- The next BANG YOUR HEAD!!! edition would take place between July 14th and 16th, 2022 with the warm-up show on July 13th, 2022.

- The next ROCK OF AGES would take place between July 29th and 31st, 2022.

- Once more, we would try to stick to the respective artist line ups as completely as possible to include all confirmed acts in the line ups of next year again. The majority of the bands has already signaled to go along with this.

- All tickets and vouchers purchased for 2020 and 2021 would remain fully valid for 2022 - regardless of any price increases (more on this below).

- With regard to the further process of reversals in case you wish to return your ticket, we would still inform you about possible options. As for now and to our great regret, due to our economical situation, we can only offer reverse processing by voucher. If you'd like to know more about this option, please contact us by mail to service@heavy-oder-was.de.

Unfortunately, it looks like there are even more difficult months ahead of us after an already pretty long hard time of pandemic restrictions. Regardless of what's goint to happen next, we will continue to sell tickets and we look forward to everyone supporting us with an order despite all uncertainties.

BTW: If there should indeed be another postponement, you would not only show great solidarity, but also save money: We will raise all ticket prices by around 20 percent by the end of July at the latest, because, as sad as it is, this is one of the very few pretty clear outlooks already: it will be the only way to be able to work economically in the face of massively rising production costs in 2022.

You can support us via the various support campaigns in our shop https://shop.bang-your-head.de, too, of course, regardless of a possible ticket purchase,

Well, once again all we have left to say now is: all of us united we can make it through this, too!

Sincerely yours,

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