The final confirmation - tonight!

It's almost done: Today at midnight CET, we'll publish the name of the final official act of this year's BANG YOUR HEAD!!! festival edition. Yet there's one thing we'd like to tell and explain right away: it's NOT the billing setup we always intented to present to you. We couldn't get THE third major act that was supposed to be on top of the bill - or actually any of those we tried to engage. Finally, we've decided to stick to an option we assume to be the best solution regarding all present circumstances: KREATOR will move up to the headlining slot, while QUEENSRYCHE and the band we'll confirm tonight precede them show-wise as co-headlining acts.

We know that many of you had expected another huge name and might be disappointed. Yet we know, too, that many of you do appreciate the fact that our anniversary band line up is packed with hand-picked first class acts from top to bottom - and we're sure you`ll understand our decision.

During the last few months, we asked just about everyone you and we had considered to be worth of being put on top of the bill - it was futile. Again and again it seemed that we finally might had nailed it, and yet in the end all negotiations were derailed for one reason or another. Many of your and our favorites hadn't been an option from the very beginning due to other commitments, while other options crumbled to dust after weeks and months of talking and hoping. Believe us: we asked them ALL - and in the end there always was a reason to turn our offers down.

Now, with only three weeks left until our anniversary party is about to take place, we had to fish or cut bait - and we did. The final band of this year's festival line up is due to official confirmation tonight. It's a last minute effort on their behalf to help us out and to play for you. We're very grateful for that - especially considering the fact that they have been willed to cancel the plans they'd already had for July 17. At midnight, you'll learn their name...

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