A few words about the VINCE NEIL show

Dear friends,

last Friday night, Vince Neil was main act of BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2017. Many of you were present that evening and witnessed me getting on stage right after his appearance and saying a few words about it. To my surprise, this public reaction of mine has attracted a lot of attention including instant media coverage, that was featuring some, yet not all of what happened and was said by me. Therefore, I'd like to set the a few things right.

First of all: It is correct that I, reacting spontanously to what I had heard, seen and wondered about before, apologized in public to the audience for the set length after Vince Neil left the stage.

Right afterwards, I had a long and clarifying talk backstage with Vince and his manager, though, and we could agree that the whole confrontation was based on misunderstandings due to different and not clearly enough settled views concerning the length and content of a typical European festival headlining set.

So on Saturday, I went on stage again to explain the latter, and I want all of you to know, that the conversation with Vince and his manager ended up in the mutual agreement to resolve the dispute by taking the matter as it simply was and is: a mere misunderstanding. There's no bad blood or ill will there between us, and both parties would like to work together again in the future.

Horst Franz
Promoter of BANG YOUR HEAD!!! Festival

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