Details zur HAMMERFALL-Special-Show

As already mentioned, the show of our Saturday headlining act HAMMERFALL will be a truly extraordinary concert experience. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their classic 'Glory To The Brave', the Swedes planned something really special for you, which - on German ground - will exclusively happen at BANG YOUR HEAD!!! Festival.

The band will not be alone on stage but will be reinforced by a trio, that belongs to the top artists of the Swedish folk scene: DRAUPNER. Together with these three guys, one of them three times Fiddle world champion Magnus Holmström, HAMMERFALL will do an extended 'Glory To The Brave' session, that never happened before.

This is what vocalist Joacim Cans says about it

"I have worked with these wizards of folk music before, and what they are capable of doing on their instruments is almost impossible. If Yngwie Malmsteen played key-fiddle his name would be Magnus Holmström. This will truly be an epic and unforgettable addition to the live set!”

Don't miss this unique event!

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