Is there a possibility to buy CDs or other accessories?
Besides the Metalbörse there are lots of retailers on the festival area.

They provide you with almost anything money can buy.Where is the Metalbörse this year?
Besides all the retailers on the festival there will be the Metalbörse.
Entrance is near the official merchandise tent.
Opening times: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12:00-20:00

Is there a BYH!!! supermarket?
Yes, in cooperation with Edeka we have a supermarket at the Metalcamp!
You’ll be provided with drinks, food, tobacco, hygiene products, pastries and camping supplies.
If you miss something, just ask. We try to get it within an hour if it’s a common good.

Opening times supermarket:
Wednesday: 14.00 - 24.00
Thursday, friday & saturday: 6.00 - 24.00

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