July 11 to 13, 2019
Messegelände Balingen, Germany

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ANGEL DUST and STORMWARRIOR confirmed for warm up show

The final two acts of our warm up billing on July 12 are confirmed: ANGEL DUST have recently reunited featuring the 'Enlighten The Darkness' band line up and will join for some enchanted evening. So will STORMWARRIOR, setting sails again for a full speed Course after two rather calm years.

DIAMOND HEAD confirmed

Another band has joined the BANG YOUR HEAD!!! band line up 2017: British legend is confirmed to come to Balingen next summer!


Three more acts of our BANG YOUR HEAD !!! band line up are confirmed!

One of the few real female hard rock icons will come to Balingen: LEE AARON, who has rediscovered her passion for guitar driven music with 'Fire And Gasoline' lately, has joined the billing.

So have STEVE GRIMMETT'S GRIM REAPER, today's incarnation of NWoBHM legend GRIM REAPER and American progressive thrashers TOXIK, who are about to release the follow up of the two genre classics 'World Circus' and 'Think This' in 2017.


Three more acts are confirmed for BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2017!

US metal fans will be thrilled to hear that RIOT V will come to Balingen, keeping the legacy of Mark Reale and RIOT alive and presenting old and new classics.

The same goes for AXXIS, who will finish both Saturday's programme and the festival edition 2017 with an indoor party at the fairground hall.

Presumably slightly less lighthearted, TRIBULATION will present their distinctive and very own version of death metal with a gothic touch and sophisticated, epic song structures creating a very intense atmosphere.


Three more highlights have been added to the BANG YOUR HEAD!!! band line up 2017!

First, there are ENTOMBED A.D., the actual incarnation of ENTOMBED, still dedicated to the legendary Death'n'Roll sound and one of the most intense live acts around.

Their fellow countrymen DEAD LORD will appeal to any fan of classic hard rock in the vain of THIN LIZZY and are presumably, as everyone having witnessed the band on stage before, one of the brightest hope of the genre's future.

Finally, NWoBHM veterans RAVEN have joined the rank of artists coming to Balingen next summer. They sure don't need no intruduction: with their early classics, they participated in setting the way for what would later be called speed and thrash metal.



BYH!!! e-tickets


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Festival ABC

Festival ABC

Right now, we're working pretty hard on putting together a catalogue with informations on all topics you might have questions about regarding your trip to Balingen. You'll find our 'Festival ABC' here soon...


BYH!!! Warm Up Show

BYH!!! Warm-Up-Show

Traditionally, the festival kicks off with a full dose of metal one evening prior to the main event: our traditional BYH!!! warm up show taking place at the fairground hall right at the festival venue. Tickets for the warm up show as well as for the festival may be purchased at doors or at our online shop. There's a special price policy for visitors buying/owning a festival ticket, too.

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