July 11 to 13, 2019
Messegelände Balingen, Germany

Tickets already available at our webstore!


Following last Friday's first confirmations, we proudly present you the next three acts that will be part of our BANG YOUR HEAD!!! band line up in 2018: AMORPHIS, AMARANTHE and REFUGE!

First three acts confirmed for 2018

In 2018, we are celebrating an anniversary: It will be the 20th year of BANG YOUR HEAD!!! as open air event and in Balingen. Apart from different surprises you can look forward to many highlights of the past years and the 'hottest' acts of our current scene - so all in all everything BANG YOUR HEAD!!! stands for.

The first three bands confirmed today are quite diverse already and just hint of what you may expect the next days and weeks joining the band line up. Stay tuned for more! The first acts, that made it on the billing of BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2018 are EXODUS, LOUDNESS and ECLIPSE!

BYH!!! Christmas Party featuring GRAVE DIGGER, AXXIS and more

Don't miss the Christmas party of the year: On 09.12.2017 at the volksbank*Messe Balingen (right on the BYH!!! festival site).

Live On Stage will be:

and more!

Other festures: A metal Christmas market, metal mess, metal fire show and other surprises :-)

Ticketsare available for 39 € (excl. pre-sale fee and shipping costs) at all known outlets and in our shop: http://www.bang-your-head.de/shop/

Presales for 2018 have started!

Tickets for the next edition of BANG YOUR HEAD!!! set to take place from July 12 to 14, 2018 are on sale now!

As usual, early bird buyers get a a special price and can order their festival tickets for 99.- EUR plus 10% presales fee at our webstore www.shop.bang-your-head.de.

Optional included is a free and limited festival shirt made of 100% cotton.

A few words about the VINCE NEIL show

Dear friends,

last Friday night, Vince Neil was main act of BANG YOUR HEAD!!! 2017. Many of you were present that evening and witnessed me getting on stage right after his appearance and saying a few words about it. To my surprise, this public reaction of mine has attracted a lot of attention including instant media coverage, that was featuring some, yet not all of what happened and was said by me. Therefore, I'd like to set the a few things right.

First of all: It is correct that I, reacting spontanously to what I had heard, seen and wondered about before, apologized in public to the audience for the set length after Vince Neil left the stage.



BYH!!! e-tickets


Our recommendation or visitors from abroad: save shipping costs and print your ticket at home! Use the e-ticket service od ADticket/Reservix to order your ticket online - you'll receive your ticket as a pdf document. Print it to show it at the entrance - along with a valid ID card.

Visit e-ticket shop


Festival ABC

Festival ABC

Right now, we're working pretty hard on putting together a catalogue with informations on all topics you might have questions about regarding your trip to Balingen. You'll find our 'Festival ABC' here soon...


BYH!!! Warm Up Show

BYH!!! Warm-Up-Show

Traditionally, the festival kicks off with a full dose of metal one evening prior to the main event: our traditional BYH!!! warm up show taking place at the fairground hall right at the festival venue. Tickets for the warm up show as well as for the festival may be purchased at doors or at our online shop. There's a special price policy for visitors buying/owning a festival ticket, too.

More information

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